• SupplyMicro is one of the world’s largest
    suppliers of electronic components
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We Are A Distributor of Electronic Components

  • SupplyMicro has worked for many big firms in the world, acquiring electronic components.
  • Our presence significantly influences our capacity to get the best quality components.
  • We can accommodate large and small volumes and are experts at providing customers with affordable BOM quotations.

Our Features

Save time and money

  • Cost-saving
  • BOM supports
  • Long-term supplier agreements

Obsolescence Assistance

  • Rigid quality control
  • Global inventory
  • Cross-evaluation

Allocation and Scarcity

  • Big vendor certification database
  • Experts fulfill sourcing needs

What We Do

  • We produce and distribute cutting-edge electronic components that meet the latest industry standards.
  • Our customers have trusted us for years to provide them with the necessary support for the newest products and services on the market.
  • We ship high-frequency, dependable electronic parts all around the world.
  • We provide high-quality electronic components to the medical, automotive, communication, IT, and other industries.

Our Belief

We Build Long-Term Business Relations

  • We think the specific service you receive from our skilled personnel makes us unique from other businesses in the field.
  • Whenever you will contact SupplyMicro, you always get to speak with a professional account manager and receive personalized service.
  • We create enduring business relationships with our clients, staff members, and suppliers. We see these collaborations as an extension of your company, and as such, they align with our common goals.

We are Industry Leader Manufacturers

  • Our goal is to guarantee secure deliveries and error-free purchase processing.
  • This high quality is ensured by our workers' ongoing training and education and the highly transparent nature of our business practices.
  • Our global distribution services for electrical components offer the most dependable sourcing, pricing, and availability of electronic components.